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Hey everybody!
We're glad you could take the time to visit our most humble website. Like all websites, we are under heavy construction, so pardon our loose HTML tags.

This website is dedicated to the practice of Randomism and the art of purposelessness. Basically, we are building this site for no apparent reason, and we have absolutely no idea what will become of it, as we have no set goal. We just hope that eventually, the site will contain something with some sort of entertainment value for all to enjoy.

There is, of course, a general theme to the site. And that is its reference to the online community of Furcadia. If you've never heard of it, then go there and try it out. Some of the stuff on this site might make a little more sense after you do, but most of it probably still won't.

If you have comments about any particular article, or the entire site in general, use the form at the lower part of this page.

General Site Comments

The main part of the site.

Site Noose:
2001.02.26: 2000.12.13: Randomism introduces the newest version of the Randomism Patch, entitled the Winter Randomism Patch (i.e. Fricken' Snow!). If you randomly wander into the dream when it is randomly placed at a random spot on Furcadia, you can see it for yourself. Just whisper Randomism for help, and she will probably laugh at you. If you do visit, please try to avoid the elf mobs. They can be nasty sometimes. Ta!

2000.11.09: There has appeared to be some confusion on the ballot for Master Overlord of Furcadia. Apparently, many furres read "Entropy Serpent/Stoinker" as "Vanilla Ice Cream with Whipped Cream and Hot Chocolate Sauce and Nuts and a Cherry" and they are claiming that their vote was miscast. A recount is being considered by the voting committee. Please stay tuned to Randomism for further details.

2000.10.16: The Randomism patch to Furcadia is progressing nicely. As we get closer and closer to thinking that it's ever going to be finshed, we upload our progress to the newly opened Randomism dream. The dream can be found at random times and random places. Just look for the dream that says Randomism. The patch takes a while to download, but it's certainly worth it. So come join us! Maybe when the patch is finished, we'll have a big party or something. Here's a glimpse.

Why dragons and chili don't mix.

2000.10.11: The streak ends! Perhaps it's because of the quietness glooming over Furcadia and the message boards. Or maybe it's just because of technical difficulties in the head of our editor in chief. Whatever the cause, we have nothing to post for you today, which means we have our first Randomismless day since the site was opened back in August. Don't fret though, we will survive this crisis. We just hold onto the hope that something interesting will happen in Furcadia soon, that we can make fun of. Besides, we never promised updates every day. Updates every day would be very nonrandom of us, so we had to throw a curveball in eventually. Well, here it is. So... when is that Ramone Festival thing...?

2000.10.07: Precisely four (4) weeks since we installed the counter, and we just passed 10,000 hits. Thank you!

2000.09.24: You say you want your site to be linked from this site? Well, there's no better way to do that than to join the Furcadia Random Stuff Ring! Come on, do it for us and for you.

2000.09.23: Randomism Portrait Patch updated! There's a new font.pcx! Go check!

Random Stuff for You (4U):
Randomism Portrait Patch (posted 2000.09.16) Comments

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Identity Crisis (posted 2000.09.28)
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The Club Continues (posted 2000.09.23) Comments
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I Wanna Be a Kiwi (posted 2000.09.17) Comments
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Vacation! (posted 2000.09.11) Comments
Leggo the Laggo (posted 2000.09.10) Comments
Uhhm... Furre... (posted 2000.09.09) Comments
Poetic Injustice (posted 2000.09.09) Comments
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Interesting Descriptions 2 (posted 2000.09.07)
Control the A's (posted 2000.09.06)
What to Do (posted 2000.09.05) Comments
Caught on Camera! 2! (posted 2000.09.04) Comments
FLC (posted 2000.09.03) Comments
Screamshot (posted 2000.09.03) Comments
Mouse Finder (posted 2000.09.02)
TkO (posted 2000.09.02)
Dragons BAD! (posted 2000.09.02)
Socket to Me! (posted 2000.09.01)
You're Fired! (posted 2000.09.01)
Dream This! (posted 2000.08.31) Comments
Rodent Invasion (posted 2000.08.30) Comments
FOD Test (posted 2000.08.30)
Turn Port! (posted 2000.08.29)
Check your Hearing (posted 2000.08.29)
Interesting Descriptions (posted 2000.08.28)
Baby Steps (posted 2000.08.28)
Master Socket Everywhere (posted 2000.08.28)
Secret logfile from Update Test (posted 2000.08.27)
How to Make a Guild (posted 2000.08.26)
A Vet talks about the Furcadia Update (posted 2000.08.25)
Caught on Camera! (posted 2000.08.25)

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