Randomism Portrait Patch

Our team of artists has worked long and hard to bring to you this wonderful portrait patch for Furcadia. It also includes a new marbled.pcx so you can play Furcadia in a whole new randomistic environment. We hope you enjoy it as much as you hope we do. Download

You need WinZip. Don't bitch.

This patch has been updated. If you downloaded it before 2000.09.23, then download this font1.pcx

This patch has been updated again. If you downloaded it before 2001.02.28, then just download the whole thing over.

DISCLAIMER: The user of this patch assumes all responsibilty of any images/text produced in whole or in part by the patch.

Here's some samples to get you interested. They are only small portions of the the actual portraits. You have to download it to see the whole things. Duh.

Male Rodent

Female Equine

Male Feline

Unspecified Canine

Female Musteline